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Hi, I am Cherice Jackson, the new owner of Prism Saunas. I am so excited to have the opportunity to continue the great work started by Jacob. Helping to permeate the community with wellness is not only a passion, but it’s part of my purpose.

Of course, with transition, there is always some level of change. However, it is my desire to make this as seamless as possible. While I work hard to figure it all out, I commit to clear and transparent communication.

Please note a few immediate changes below:

If you are currently subscribed to a monthly membership, it is important to note that all recurring charges have been discontinued. If your card was charged after the 1st of December and you are owed a prorated refund, please contact the office at info@prismsaunas.com. If memberships served you well, don’t worry – we will not leave you comfortless! We want to give you the opportunity to review the new membership details and if you would still like to be a member, you are welcome to opt back in. Please be on the lookout for 2023 membership packages in your email soon.

Wishing you love, liberty, and hydration!


Temporarily Closed

Prism will be closed for the first two weeks of 2023 for minor upgrades.

New Hours

When you visit during normal business hours, staff will be present to guide you through your service.

Access Codes

All access codes have been reset. As such, if you have a current access code, it will not work for building entry after December 30, 2022. We are still working through how to serve you with after-hours access best.


Gym Packages

If you currently utilize the sauna services as part of a River City Fit gym package, please work with Jacob to understand how this will impact you. Jacob can be reached by email at jacob@rivercityfit.com.

New Service

In addition to offering sauna services, we will have a way to service you with a vibroacoustic sound bed. Using music, the sound bed instantly soothes your busy mind and relaxes your entire body utilizing sound frequencies. More to come about this new service.

Refresher Station

The refresher station is back! Feel free to grab a beverage of your choice during your next visit.

A Note from Jacob

It’s also important to note that Jacob will still be changing lives across the hall at River City Fit. So, when you start to miss him, he’ll be waiting for you to stop by the gym. In fact, this is what Jacob has to say…

“A year and a half ago, the space next door to River City Fit opened, and I felt that I could finally explore adding a spa space to the business I had worked so hard to keep running through the pandemic. The space was extremely thought out and every detail was intentional. I’m happy with what we’ve achieved as a business, but I need to take a step back for a couple reasons! The main reason is my wife and I are adding our first child to the family! The second is more of a realization through self-reflection; I’ve felt the idea and business aren’t going to be able to reach its full potential and vision with me focused elsewhere. You, as members, don’t deserve this. You deserve someone as plugged in and passionate about providing an incredible experience. When I came to these realizations, I started searching for a buyer. It wasn’t hard to find one! We ended up having multiple offers! Who knew so many were passionate about the spa business!? Through careful consideration, we arrived at Cherice! Cherice is an extremely lovely and warm individual who will be able to provide an experience much better than I could. I couldn’t be happier with her taking over, and I believe you as members are in the best hands we could have found!”

– Jacob Keller, River City Fit

Meet Cherice

Dedicated to entrepreneurship for 15 years, Cherice is a proven visionary and strategic leader that translates business strategies into first-class service commensurate with the best interest of her customers, employees, and the community. Her strong Finance and Administration skills are rooted in 20 years of experience in analytics, strategy, and management. Cherice is committed to maintaining a reputation built on integrity, quality of service, and uncompromising ethics.

Cherice is also a teacher in and out of classroom settings. For almost a decade, she has been a professor of both business and statistics classes at a local college. Additionally, she pursues the study of Love. Some of her favorite courses have been Love as a Force for Social Justice, Managing Emotions in Times of Uncertainty, and The Arts and Science of Relationships. Cherice passes on this information through her life and relationship coaching and yoga wellness practice.