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12 N 25th St. Richmond, Virginia | (804)220-0606

Spread a Little Relaxation and Rejuvenation this Season!

Services to Calm & Relax your Whole Body

Whether you want to sit and relax in our sauna or release the tension from your body with an incredible massage, we have just what you need to restore your body.

Private Sauna Room in Richmond, VA

Services Designed to Revitalize your Body


Relax for 40 min in the sauna. Commercial grade sauna. Jacuzzi 2. Infrared sauna. The temperature of 140. Wear what you feel most comfortable to relax and recover in our private sauna. You can book to be alone or with a couple or friend. You will be supplied with a fresh towel.

Replenish Station

We don’t want you to feel rushed out from your bliss. Enjoy 10 min to rejuvenate and calm with your favorite monthly rotating beverage (nitro cold brew, cherry hibiscus tea, and kombucha). Enjoy a cold lavender towel with your beverage.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“This sauna experience was exactly what I needed. My stress levels decreased, and I felt like I could attack the rest of my day with no problem!”

“It was extremely calming. The experience Prism has curated is like no other. I didn’t feel rushed out the door after my experience either, and the delicious beverage and cool towel was exactly what I needed afterward!”

“From the awesome art mural, to the lounge area, THIS.PLACE.IS.AWESOME and CLEAN!!! I felt extremely rejuvenated and rested after my session!”

Here’s How it Works…

Step 1

Book your Private Sauna

Step 2

Relax and Let Your Body Do the Work

Step 3

Re-energize Your Life

Bring Relaxation and Rejuvenation to Richmond, East Highland Park, Lakeside, Highland SpringsTuckahoe, and the surrounding areas.